Friday, December 30, 2005

Week 17: What the...

It's the end of 2005. We here at DC Sports would like to thank those who have read us since our fledgling days. Onward and upwards to 2006.

Yours truly has been under .500 for the last 2 weeks, but the Skins are 1 win away from the playoffs, so if I have to keep being under .500 each week for them to keep winning, I'll take that trade any day of the week. For the record, no fewer than 5 of these lines confuse the hell out of me. The Steelers opened as 17 point favorites, and I guess that there were a lot people betting on Detroit because the line has dropped to -14. Why are the Chargers favored by 11? Neither team has anything to play for. Why are the Chiefs favored by 8? It's not as though the Bengals wouldn't like to hold their seed. Why are the Bills only favored by 2? They just beat arguably a top-5 team (Bengals) on the road by 10 last week - and they can't give more than 2 points on the road at the Jets? Week 17. So freakin weird.

Week 17:

Broncos at Chargers (-11)
Even Mike Shanahan can't believe he has the AFC's 2nd seed with Jake Freakin Plummer as his QB... Pick: Broncos

Giants (-11) at Raiders
A Redskins win plus a Giants loss means the Skins are NFC East champs. I root for Oakland this weekend, sadly, I fear it won't be enough - even with 11 points... Pick: Giants

Dolphins at Patriots (-6)
Hey! We beat the Jets twice, Buffalo on the road, and freakin KILLED Tampa Bay at home in freezing weather. They have a combined record of 18-27! This week we'll beat ANOTHER warm weather team in cold weather at home! We're the BEST TEAM EVER!... Pick: Patriots

Bills (-2) at Jets
Easy... Pick: Bills

Saints at Buccaneers (-14)
Tempting... Pick: Buccaneers

Panthers (-4) at Falcons
I'm terribly angry with you, but I still can't go against you... Pick: Panthers

Ravens (-3) at Browns
Let's not get too carried away here, it's not as though Kyle Boller's doing this against top defenses... Pick: Ravens

Seahawks at Packers (-5)
Befuddling... Pick: Seahawks

Cardinals at Colts (-7)
Back on track... Pick: Colts

Bengals at Chiefs (-8)
Confusing... Pick: Bengals

Lions at Steelers (-14)
When's the last time the Steelers were favored by so many?... Pick: Steelers

Titans at Jaguars (-4)
Zzzzz... Pick: Jaguars

Texans (-2) at 49ers
The loser here is really the winner... Pick: 49ers

Redskins (-8) at Eagles
Steep, no?... Pick: Redskins

Bears at Vikings (-4)
Way to show up... Pick: Bears

Rams at Cowboys (-12)
Only because it would be so freakin sweet... Pick: Rams

Last Week: 5-8-2
Season: 115-115-10

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Rest in Peace, Edward "Buddy" Moore

My grandfather died today. Sad, but not unexpected. He had been sick for months, years even. Occasionally, he had even said he didn't want to live, which is never easy to hear coming from anybody, let alone your own blood. Though I haven't seen him in years (he lived in rural New Mexico) I'll always remember the childhood times, going to visit the cows, nights playing cards.

Rest in peace, Edward "Buddy" Moore. Heaven waits for you.

***It's been a transitional period recently folks. I'll be back soon. There will be a new blog coming, a personal one where I can bitch about art, movies, and other stuff. This blog will return to being 100% about its original purpose, sports.*** Till then, take care, and go read I-66 in all his wittiness.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

1 of 20

We here at DC Sports are chronic fantasy sports players. The Captain plays fantasy baseball, I have dabbled in soccer in the past, and we each play fantasy football. This season, I won 3 leagues - a 10 team league (1st at end of regular season, 11-3), the 6-team Blog League (4th, 6-8) and a 20 team league (8th, 7-4-2)... the last of which is my crowning Fantasy Football achievement.

Why? Consider that I rarely, if ever, miss a draft. I hate having Yahoo autodraft for me. I missed the draft for the 20 team league, but not because of something I did. The commissioner of the league changed the date of the draft without requesting approval from the other 19 players -- all because he wasn't going to be able to make his own draft. Imagine my surprise when I logged in on the night of the draft to find out that it had already happened. Players who missed it were outraged, mainly because anyone who knows they're going to miss a draft plan ahead - they don't ask the date to be changed just for them. So basically the commish inconvenienced 19 people so that he himself would not be inconvenienced. Some caught the change and made the draft. I was not as lucky:

My team after the draft [player name, (round drafted):
QB: Jake Plummer (4),
WR: Reggie Wayne (2), Darrell Jackson (3), Eddie Kennison (5), Koren Robinson (10),
RB: Priest Holmes (1), Marcel Shipp (7), Tony Hollings (15)
TE: Bubba Franks (9), Stephen Alexander (12), Ron Johnson (14)
K: Adam Vinatieri (6), John Hall (11),
DEF: Cincinnati (8), Miami (13)

I-66's Rules For a 20 Team Draft:
1) Draft 2 starting quarterbacks, even if you have to take a 2nd one early
2) Draft 2 defenses, even if you have to take a 2nd one early
3) Draft 2 kickers, even if you have to take a 2nd one early
4) Do not draft players who do not have teams
5) Do not draft 3rd stringers
6) Only draft players with whom you are familiar

Rules 1, 4, 5, and 6 were violated. And I didn't even show you all the rules.

Koren Robinson had been released by Seattle. He caught on in Minnesota and did well at the end of the season but at the time he was worthless. Tony Hollings was no better than 3rd on the Texans' depth chart at running back behind Davis and Wells, and I didn't even know who Ron Johnson was. I could tell from looking at my team that I had had at least the 4th overall pick since Tomlinson, Alexander and Manning would likely have gone before Holmes, but I found that I had been 3rd overall. Of course Holmes got hurt in the middle of the season. My WRs were the only saving grace on this team at the start of the season though there was nary a #1 wideout among them. Wayne is behind Harrison in Indy, Darrell Jackson got hurt early on but remained on roster, Kennison is a #1 wideout but Tony Gonzalez is the number one passing option in KC. Early on in the season I managed to trade Plummer (who I dislike but was playing decently) for Matt Hasselbeck straight up (to this day I don't know how that happened). I picked up Antowain Smith after McAllister got hurt. Other running backs used were Verron Haynes, Kyle Johnson and Chester Taylor. Disgusting. After Week 5 I was 1-4 and I thought the season was over. I would not lose a single game the rest of the way. I won in Week 6 (2-4) and tied twice consecutively with a score of 47-47 (surreal) in Weeks 7 and 8 (2-4-2) and then went on a 5 game winning streak to close out the season (7-4-2) and making the playoffs as the 8 seed. I went on to win all 3 of my playoff games 76-31 over the 1 seed, 57-34 over the 4, and squeaking by 39-35 over the 2. The final game was tied at 32-32 going into Monday Night Football with me needing Vinatieri to outscore Deion Branch - which he did - to give me the title. Also noteworthy is the fact that I faced the hardest road possible - beating the 1, 4, and 2 seeds to win the championship.

My team at the end of the season (original players in bold):
QB: Matt Hasselbeck
WR: Wayne, Jackson, Mark Clayton, Kennison, Chris Henry, Justin Gage
RB: Ryan Moats, Antowain Smith
TE: Jeb Putzier
K: Vinatieri, Hall
DEF: Cincinnati, Miami

Greatest. Fantasy triumph. Ever.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Section 420, Row 12, Seat 8

...the place from where I witnessed the Washington Redskins 35-20 whuppin of the New York Little Giants. They say "the proof is in the pudding" and since I don't currently have any, proof of my presence will have to be in this blog...

A few of "The First Ladies of Football"

Our Tailgate Club wristbands didn't say anything about sightseeing... But they DID say something about about free food and drinks! Hey, dude, get out of the way.

Don't work too hard, John. It's only extra points for you today...

"Hey Chris?"..."Yeah Patrick?"..."I've got a funny feeling I'm playing today..."

Pre-game flatulence is frowned upon in the tunnel

Team-building exercise

The Giants line up for the slaughter

Sweet sweet victory...

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Week 16: Holy Crap It's Saturday

I got all caught up in posting yesterday's review that I failed to realize that... 1) I needed to post picks and 2) there are a LOT of games today... SO, with little fluff and less delay...

Week 16:

49ers at Rams (-10) - Pick: Rams

Titans at Dolphins (-6) - Pick: Dolphins

Lions at Saints (-3) - Pick: Saints

Falcons at Buccaneers (-3) - Pick: Buccaneers

Giants at Redskins (-3) - Pick: Redskins

Cowboys at Panthers (-4) - Pick: Panthers

Jaguars (-6) at Texans - Pick: Jaguars

Bills at Bengals (-14) - Pick: Bengals (seems a little steep, no?)

Steelers (-7) at Browns - Pick: Steelers

Chargers (-2) at Chiefs - Pick: Chargers

Eagles at Cardinals (-1) - Pick: Eagles

Colts at Seahawks (-10) - Pick: Colts (doing it for Dungy)

Bears (-7) at Packers - Pick: Bears

Raiders at Broncos (-13) - Pick: Broncos

Vikings at Ravens (-3) - Pick: Vikings (Kyle Boller: prove it)

Patriots (-6) at Jets - Pick: Patriots

Last Week: 9-7
Season: 110-107-8

Friday, December 23, 2005

Night Before Christmas Review

Every year I write a column like this... now I bring this year's edition to you...

T'was 2 weeks before the playoffs
And all the Skins masses
Are talking of Christmas
And how we kicked Cowboy asses
8-6 is our record
And across the league there's fear
That a playoff berth for the Redskins
Soon would appear
So with no more delay
I'm bringing to you
A little on every team
Night Before Christmas Review...

Rex Grossman back for the playoffs?
Don't get it twisted
If BEARS go far in postseason
It's them the defense has lifted...
Whizzinator, boat party
VIKINGS are scandal weary
With Brad Johnson's success
Daunte Culpepper, Ewing Theory?...
Tons of interceptions and losses
PACKERS have just been a wreck
Brett Favre might I suggest
You start getting unemployment check...
Did Jeff Garcia's broken leg
Really put the LIONS season on shelf?
I think I've got the solution
Matt Millen, fire yourself...
Ben Roethlisberger
I don't know what the hell rhymes...
But it doesn't matter, STEELERS
If you're not there at playoff time...
From losers to winners in 3 years
Root for the BENGALS? You've gotta
But really I just needed
Something to rhyme with Houshmandzadeh....
Decent improvement, Romeo Crennel
You've got the BROWNS right on target
Well, except for Trent Dilfer
His house is on the market...
It must be an injury
Ray Lewis is as quiet as a mouse
Jamal Lewis, rest of RAVENS
Any dogs in the house?
Their season might've ended
With the Green Bay road win
Michael Vick and the FALCONS
Playoffs? Outside looking in...
Yeah, Katrina, I know
I've heard every excuse
But Jim Haslett's leash gets shorter
Every time the SAINTS lose...
Coach Gruden must be thankful
There's a defense to carry the BUCS
Because look at the quarterback
Chris Simms? Kinda sucks...
To go deep in the playoffs
PANTHERS turn to best back on roster
Stephen Davis? Done for season
You must mean DeShaun Foster...
Like Jeckyll and Hyde
Figuring out the JAGUARS is hard
Playoff lock, but who knew
It'd be on the arm of David Garrard...
TEXANS should get Reggie Bush
But it must raise Dom Capers's ire
That his inability to coach
Is the only reason he hasn't been fired...
Now and again you turn on TV
And see the TITANS getting killed
Jeff Fisher must've gotten the memo
It's okay sometimes to rebuild...
Peyton, Edge, Marvin
For the next few weeks you rest
To hold the Lombardi Trophy
COLTS expect, accept nothing less... (don't stop now, you're halfway home)
Two games up in the East
Manning to Burress, Manning to Shockey
But come mid-January, it's ok GIANTS fans
There's still Rangers and Islanders hockey...
No Owens, no Westbrook
EAGLES going in reverse?
Why hasn't anyone else mentioned
Donovan McNabb: Madden Curse...
It's a fluke the pansies cried
But twice the COWBOYS have been beaten
And now they all need breath mints
For all the shit they've eaten...
Send the corners, send the safties
REDSKINS D blitzes with malice
I only have 2 things to add
Fuck Dallas and Fuck Dallas...
Fiedler, Vinny, Bollinger
No JETS fan can be sober
And now Curtis Martin on IR
Wake me when it's over...
If they make it to Indy
PATRIOTS see their Super Bowl dreams die
I see no dynasty before me
Bruschi, Brady, please don't cry...
From Losman to Holcomb and back
BILLS move QBs like pawns
But all I hear from the fans
Are a bunch of snores and yawns...
When Nick Saban appeared
He brought all the whistles and bells
But who knew the DOLPHINS best QB
Was the unstoppable Sage Rosenfels...
The SEAHAWKS play in the NFC West
So yeah, they've won it again
And in case anyone's forgotten
Matt Hasselbeck wants the ball, and they're gonna win...
What's wrong Dennis Green?
CARDINALS appear to be running in place
Want to know who to blame?
The guy with the Kurt Warner Face...
Mike Martz is gone, Joe Vitt is here
RAMS offense has still been meager
But that's what happens when your QB
Is a backup Ivy Leaguer...
What else can I say 49ERS
Losing must be taking its toll
But Reggie Bush is on the line
9ers, Texans, Toilet Bowl...
Holmes out Johnson in
CHIEFS running game doesn't miss a beat
But their season went up in flames
When defense fell at Tiki Barber's feet...
CHARGERS had a slow start
Late surge not in time-r?
How long before fans and owner
Start looking at Schottenheimer?...
Collins to Moss will be so great
Return to RAIDERS days of yore
So in Christmas tradition you must return
Norv Turner to the Coach Store...
"No Mistake" they call BRONCOS QB
I wish they'd give me a break
It's only a matter of time
Before they get bitten by their own Snake...
So there you have it, 32 teams
Each with their own story
I also hope you're not surprised
When it's Colts and Panthers, Super Bowl 40

So now this all must end, the playoffs are coming into sight
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night...

Monday, December 19, 2005

35-7 -- Fuck Dallas, Part II

Holy shit. I just woke up and looked at area sports stories and... Washington beat Dallas? Again? Is that a season sweep? Are the Cowboys fans drying their tears, again, with the sports pages this morning? Pansies... I bring you Dallas Sucks: In Pictures:

This looks familiar...

Marcus Washington bends Drew Bledsoe Blew Dredsoe over...

Chris Cooley catching one of his THREE touchdowns

"Hey coach, will you still give me a reacharound tonight?"

That pretty much says it...

Friday, December 16, 2005

Week 15: Ready

Shhhhh… The Cowgirls are coming…

Week 15:

Buccaneers at Patriots (-5)
You’re not scaring anybody… Pick: Buccaneers

Chiefs at Giants (-3)
Eli Manning is completing less than 53% of his passes… Pick: Chiefs

Broncos (-9) at Bills
So can we stop now with this “No Mistake Jake” stupidity?... Pick: Broncos

Cardinals (-2) at Texans
I’m not truly a conspiracy theorist, but if anyone thinks the Texans are losing out on the #1 overall pick, they’re crazy… Pick: Texans

Seahawks (-8) at Titans
And since I have nothing to add about this game, what happens if Reggie Bush doesn’t declare?... Pick: Seahawks

Chargers at Colts (-8)
No matter what the line, I don’t think I can go against Indy… Pick: Colts

49ers at Jaguars (-16)
These 49ers lines are getting out of hand… Pick: 49ers

Panthers (-10) at Saints
When Aaron Brooks drops back to pass, rumor has it that he doesn’t even see the secondary… Pick: Panthers

Eagles at Rams (-4)
I didn’t even have to think about this one… Pick: Eagles

Jets at Dolphins (-9)
Lost in the fact that the Jets beat the Raiders last week is the more important fact that they were playing the Raiders… Pick: Dolphins

Steelers (-4) at Vikings
Easy… it was the Bears offense… Pick: Vikings

Browns at Raiders (-3)
That was perhaps the most ridiculous quarterback decision ever… Pick: Browns

Bengals (-8) at Lions
Chad will not be held down 3 weeks in a row. Mark it down, Lion DBs… Pick: Bengals

Cowboys at Redskins (-2)
It’s on. Pick: Redskins

Falcons at Bears (-3)
This defense salivates at the thought of overrated QBs… Pick: Bears

Packers at Ravens (-4)
Another Monday Night stinker… Pick: Packers

Last Week: 5-8-3
Season: 101-100-8

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More news/views

NEWS: It’s Dallas week.
VIEWS: Shhhh… not much needs to be said to remind anyone of anything

NEWS: Pat Riley is 1-0 as Heat coach
VIEWS: …with a win over Chicago. Let’s not go labeling Miami the team to beat now.

NEWS: Freddy Adu is courted by Ghana and their World Cup side.
VIEWS: He’ll go… if he wants his already shaky public image destroyed (especially here in DC) and if he wants to get the teenage crap kicked out of him by the Stars and Stripes in the group stage of the World Cup. In other words, I don’t think he’s going.

NEWS: Nomar to the Evil Empire?
VIEWS: PLEASE DO IT! I BEG YOU! If it happens, I’ll set the over/under for games before which he’s booed at 1½ and see who takes the over.

NEWS: American sprinters Tim Montgomery and Chryste Gaines have been banned for 2 years by the Court of Arbitration For Sport for supposedly doping.
VIEWS: …despite the fact that Montgomery never tested positive for drugs. Does anyone else have a problem with this? Montgomery specifically here has had all his records wiped based on evidence gathered and testimony from another sprinter, Kelli White, but no actual positive test. Terrible.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Weekend Review

NEWS: Stan Van Gundy resigns as Head Coach of the Miami Heat
VIEWS: Shocking. I will be even more shocked if Pat Riley doesn’t return to the bench – which we all thought was going to happen anyway. Stan Van Gundy can now go back to his old profession, and change his name back to Ron Jeremy.

NEWS: Redskins overcome turnover exchange and hold on for 4 point victory
VIEWS: I will now cease to hold my nose, now that the stink from that game has subsided. On the other hand, a W is a W. 7-6 ain’t that bad.

NEWS: University of Maryland Men’s Soccer wins the College Cup, defeating New Mexico 1-0
VIEWS: They play soccer in New Mexico? Well in, Terps.

NEWS: Reggie Bush wins Heisman Trophy in a landslide.
VIEWS: …similar to the margin by which USC will defeat Texas.

NEWS: Soriano doesn’t want to play in the outfield.
VIEWS: …because evidently I missed the memo where he became the Manager of the team and could tell himself where to play.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Week 14: The View From Below Above .500

All is right with the world. I’m above .500 for the first time all season after going 13-3 last week. Don’t look now… but I’m on fiiiiiiyuhhhhh…

Week 14:

Rams at Vikings (-7)
Between these logos, this is easily the horniest matchup in the NFL… Pick: Vikings

Raiders (-3) at Jets
Lighten up, Herm. You could be coaching Houston… Pick: Raiders

Bears at Steelers (-6)
This line has moved 2 points (from -4). A lot Steelers betting, I see… Pick: Bears

Buccaneers at Panthers (-6)
I swear these teams just played. Hey pundits, how great is Chris Simms playing now? Thank you… Pick: Panthers

Colts (-8) at Jaguars
Don’t be surprised when it’s 34-10 in the 3rd, ok?... Pick: Colts

Patriots (-4) at Bills
The New England Patriots (7-5) are tied for the 7th best record in the conference. And I’m smiling… Pick: Patriots

Browns at Bengals (-12)
If Chad Johnson says they’re going to score 40, I don’t have any reason not to believe him… Pick: Bengals

Texans at Titans (-6)
Domanick Davis: The Unhappiest Man in Houston after the NFL Draft… Pick: Titans

49ers at Seahawks (-16)
Memo to Mike Holmgren: Get that man his rushing title… Pick: Seahawks

Giants (-8) at Eagles
Is that the end of the Mike McMahon Experiment?... Pick: Giants

Redskins (-4) at Cardinals
You know you’re in trouble on defense when 2 100-yard rushers are coming your way… Pick: Redskins

Dolphins at Chargers (-14)
WE WANT SAGE! WE WANT SAGE!... Pick: Chargers

Chiefs at Cowboys (-3)
The Chiefs either win this close, or Dallas blows them out. Ok, you can stop laughing… Pick: Chiefs

Ravens at Broncos (-14)
Hey, Kyle Boller, there’s a spot under the bus with your name on it – but hold on, it’s reserved for after this season… Pick: Broncos

Lions at Packers (-6)
Judging by where his passes are going, I’m recommending Brett Favre have his eyes examined to make sure he’s not color blind… Pick: Lions

Saints at Falcons (-10)
Wait… THIS is the Monday nighter? Am I ever glad I’ve found something infinitely better to do… Pick: Falcons

Last Week: 13-3
Season: 96-92-5

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Win, Lose, Draw

Ahead of the World Cup draw on Friday, I’m going to bore you non soccer fans with my take. If you indeed are not a soccer fan, it's okay. We can't all be perfect. First, an explanation of how the draw is done:

32 teams enter the World Cup in 8 groups of 4. To determine those groups, the 32 teams are broken down into 4 “pots” from which 1 team each is chosen:

Pot 1 is made up of 8 “seeded” teams, presumably the best 8 teams in the world as determined by some points system I’m unfamiliar with. The seeded teams this go-around are: Argentina, Brazil, Germany, England, Italy, Mexico, Spain and France.

The USA missed out on seeding by 1 point via the points system (though had they had 1 more point, there would have been a 3 way tie with Argentina and Italy, which meant 1 of those teams would have to be left out anyways. Who knows who it would’ve been.

Pot 2 is made up of 8 teams from Africa, South America, and "Oceania": Australia, Angola, Togo, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Tunisia, Paraguay, and Ecuador.

Pot 3 is made up of 8 teams from Europe: Croatia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, and Ukraine.

Pot 4 is made up of 7 teams* from Asia and North America: Iran, Japan, South Korea, Costa Rica, USA, and Trinidad and Tobago.

* = Serbia & Montenegro (that’s one team) are off on their own. The groups do not allow for more than 2 teams from any one region, which is why they are broken down as they are. Since there are 8 teams already from Europe in Pot 3, and S&M are the lowest ranked, they will be placed in a group headed by a non-European seeded team (Pot 1) to ensure that there aren’t more than 2 European teams in their group. Got it?

I’m infuriated by the fact that the USA did not make seeding and Mexico did. Then again, it will make it all the sweeter if we face them in the knockout stage of the tournament (after the group stage) and beat them 2-0 one more time. If I had my way, our draw would end up this way:

Pot 1: Italy (in my view, the weakest of the seeded teams not named Mexico)
Pot 2: any team except Australia and maybe Paraguay – though I feel we can beat either
Pot 3: Croatia / Poland / Switzerland / Ukraine – the lower half of the 8 Euros here
Pot 4: USA

Path of least resistance? I can dig it.

Monday, December 05, 2005


I’ve been a little absent from the regular posting here, so I’m going to make an effort to catch up all at once.

NEWS: Redskins over Rams.
VIEWS: Takin’ care of business.

NEWS: Giants over Cowboys.
VIEWS: Not batting an eye.

NEWS: Duke basketball beats Virginia Tech with a buzzer beating 3 from distance.
VIEWS: This is your #1 team in America? They should cruise past Tech at Cameron Indoor, yet they trail with 1.6 seconds left and need a buzzer beater to pull it out. Good luck in March.

NEWS: USC v. Texas for all the marbles
VIEWS: Wake me when we have a playoff. In the meantime, go Trojans.

NEWS: The New York Yankees could be over $50 million in the red.
VIEWS: AHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Well hey, at least you have a World Series win to fall back on. Oh wait…

NEWS: The World Cup draw is Friday at 3pm on The Deuce.
VIEWS: Nobody should be surprised if the US somehow ends up in the Group of Death.

NEWS: Nationals? Stadium?
VIEWS: No news on United…

Friday, December 02, 2005

Week 13: Keep it movin

After weeks of futility, I’ve been .500 or above for 4 straight weeks and now I’m only a handful of games below the middle-mark. Tis the season for giving, so give I will… The picks, that is.

Week 13:

Bills at Dolphins (-4)
Miami’s 3rd string quarterback is named Cleo Lemon. I don’t even have a joke here… Pick: Dolphins

Buccaneers (-4) at Saints
What I’d really like to see is an AFC team play at Tampa and have Phil Simms do color commentary for a game where Chris Simms goes 8 for 27 for 79 yards and 3 INTs. Let’s hear the effusive praise, Phil… Pick: Buccaneers

Cowboys at Giants (-3)
The Asian shop worker in the Snickers commercial had better luck tackling Tiki Barber than the Dallas defense will… Pick: Giants

Bengals at Steelers (-4)
Tommy Maddox has been so bad, it requires the entire Heinz Field housekeeping crew to pick up the pieces… Pick: Steelers

Falcons at Panthers (-3)
You have to wonder how much faster Warrick Dunn would be without that chain… Pick: Panthers

Texans at Ravens (-8)
Steve Mariucci, meet David Carr. David Carr, meet the man who will be coaching you next year… Pick: Texans

Packers at Bears (-7)
At the final whistle of this one we will begin to hear the whisperings for Brett Favre packing it in become louder… Pick: Bears

Jaguars (-3) at Browns
David Garrard: Auditioning for a starting job somewhere, for someone… Pick: Jaguars

Vikings (-3) at Lions
And suddenly Chicago sees a little purple in their rear view mirror… Pick: Vikings

Titans at Colts (-16)
At first I thought this line was high. At first… Pick: Colts

Redskins (-3) at Rams
When Rams quarterback and Harvard graduate Ryan Fitzpatrick repeatedly challenges his coach on a play call, and the coach asks angrily, “What, you think you’re smarter than me or something?”, I’m pretty sure Fitzpatrick just looks at him, waiting for him to realize… Pick: Redskins

Cardinals (-3) at 49ers
First Mexico City, now might I suggest Alaska?... Pick: Cardinals

Jets at Patriots (-10)
The Patriots are allowing 9 points more and scoring 5 points less per game this year. Don’t talk about injuries – they never seemed to make a difference in the past. I offer 5 words that mean more than any Patriots fan, Patriots bandwagon jumper, or Patriots player wants to admit: Charlie Weiss and Romeo Crennel… Pick: Patriots

Broncos (-1) at Chiefs
1? That’s it?... Pick: Broncos

Raiders at Chargers (-11)
MVP… Pick: Chargers

Seahawks (-4) at Eagles
Anyone else notice that Shaun Alexander has been next to invisible in the passing game this year?... Pick: Seahawks

Last Week: 11-4-1
Season: 83-89-5

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Home No More

Yesterday, before heading to the happy hour, I had to stop by The Sports Pad one last time to gather up all the keys and drop them in the envelope to check us out – in addition to picking up the cable boxes and such that I didn’t take on Tuesday night. I parked and walked inside and took a walkthrough of the house. I’d arranged to have it cleaned and to have the carpets shampooed, and the house looked almost like we’d never lived there. There are a lot of memories in that house, but we’ve all opened new chapters in our lives and have to leave this one behind… but I do have something to remember it by…

The Sports Pad - home to The Captain, Deep Cover, and I-66 from 10/09/03 to 11/30/05