Thursday, November 10, 2005

Week 10: Must be butta...

This has been a feel-good week for yours truly: Redskins win (meaning an Eagles loss), Indy dominating New England, Terrell Owens essentially phased out in Philly, then making a pair of awful apologies, and me finally having a solid week – 10-4. I might be on a roll…

Week 10:

Patriots (-3) at Dolphins
I can see the progression now… Colts win at Foxboro, Pats fans say: “it doesn’t matter unless they do it in the playoffs”, if that happens it’s “it doesn’t matter unless they win the Super Bowl”, and if that happens it’s “it doesn’t matter unless they repeat.” Shut up (especially Bill Simmons). You. Got. Whipped… Pick: Patriots

Vikings at Giants (-10)
Nice gesture, Nate Burleson… Pick: Vikings

Ravens at Jaguars (-6)
You know it’s bad when people are actually wishing for Kyle Boller’s return… Pick: Jaguars

Chiefs at Bills (-2)
No Priest? No problem!... Pick: Chiefs

49ers at Bears (-13)
I can’t do it, not with 13 points… Pick: 49ers

Cardinals at Lions (-4)
PLAY JOSH MCCOWN!... Pick: Cardinals

Texans at Colts (-18)
Hunter Smith: Most Bored Player in the NFL… Pick: Colts

Broncos (-3) at Raiders
It’s only a matter of time before ‘The Snake’ sheds his conservative skin… Pick: Broncos

Jets at Panthers (-9)
You’d like me to make a Panthers cheerleaders joke here, wouldn’t you?... Pick: Panthers

Rams at Seahawks (-6)
Nowadays, when Mike Martz watches Rams games and has an idea for a play to call, he leaves himself a voicemail… Pick: Rams

Redskins at Buccaneers (no line)
Chris Simms is the currently Bucs’ starting quarterback. No, I’m serious… Pick: Redskins

Packers at Falcons (-9)
Samkon Gado is currently the Packers starting running back. No, I’m serious… Pick: Falcons

Browns at Steelers (-8)
Charlie Batch is currently the Steelers st… Oh forget it… Pick: Steelers

Cowboys at Eagles (-2)
I hate rooting for Philly… Pick: Eagles

Last Week: 10-4
Season: 57-70-4


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