Friday, October 21, 2005

Week 7: On A Roll

Stop the presses. Yours truly was 7-6-1 last week. I can't contain myself. I'm on a one-week roll and I'm looking to go 12-2 this week... but I'll probably be closer to 2-12 - but hey, I can dream.

Week 7:

Packers (-2½) at Vikings
Never count Brett Favre out of a game on the road in a dome 2 weeks after his opponents were on a debauchery-filled cruise on Lake Minnetonka… Pick: Packers

Chargers at Eagles (-4)
Advantage: Tomlinson… Pick: Chargers

Saints at Rams (-3)
I don’t know what’s more sad… Watching the Saints force Jaime Martin to beat them, or the fact that he might actually do it… Pick: Saints

49ers at Redskins (-13)
Anyone who thinks the Redskins aren’t blitzing 80% of snaps in this game is crazy… Pick: Redskins

Colts (-16) at Texans
And I thought 13 points was a lot… Pick: Colts

Steelers at Bengals (pick ‘em)
It’s not just talk anymore… Pick: Bengals

Lions at Browns (-2)
ZzzZzZZzZZzzZzZ… Pick: Browns

Ravens at Bears (-1)
…ZzZZzzZzZZzZzzZzzZ… Pick: Ravens*

Cowboys at Seahawks (-3)
Seattle: Doing the Texas Two-Step… Pick: Seahawks

Titans at Cardinals (-4)
What precisely have the Cardinals done to merit this?... Pick: Titans

Broncos at Giants (-2)
Even Jake Plummer’s not afraid of the Giants secondary… Pick: Broncos

Bills at Raiders (-3)
Raiders fan’s worst nightmare: “Randy Moss – doubtful”… Pick: Bills

Jets at Falcons (-7)
I can’t do it. Not with Vinny at the helm… Pick: Falcons

Last Week: 7-6-1

Season: 37-49-2

* = because the Ravens are on the road, this game will be televised on CBS. I have this sinking feeling that we will be forced to sit through this garbage on Sunday. Vomitous. Absolutely vomitous.


Blogger The Senator said...

When can the Lions get good again?

Now that is a bet on?

You are right about the snoozer this weekend. *sigh*

Maybe I should post that picture w/out the black dots...that would be more exciting, huh.

Fri Oct 21, 09:43:00 PM  

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