Wednesday, July 06, 2005

More Live 8

I was originally going to put this up Monday, after I-66's summary, but it took a little while to collect the pictures and get the time to put them up. If you haven't seen I-66's summary, scroll down and read that first, it'll give you a better idea of the day.

The House, Deep Cover and The New York Girl riding the N.J.-Philly subway line, getting ready for the Best Concert Ever.

The Philadelphia skyline...I just thought it looked nice.

Some people were willing to do anything for a better view. This couldn't have smelled good.

Deep Cover and I-66 making the long walk from subway to the steps of the Art Museum.

Hey, it was a long walk, can you blame them for taking a break?

Rif and The New York Girl

The New York Girl and The Captain

Two more performances that were fantastic, Madonna and Linkin Park.

The House, Rif and The Captain enjoying the show.

Hey, I'm patriotic, it was nice to see these in the crowd.

We couldn't resist getting a picture of this.

In the basement of a wonderful Irish bar/pub. Being an Irishman, I appreciate these sorts of places. Dark basement, dart board, great beer. Here, The Captain can be seen enjoying a Carlsberg, a fine Danish offering. In a shocking turn of events, the Captain was caught without his trademark sunglasses on.

Deep Cover and I-66 playing darts. Let the record show that The Captain laid the smack down on Deep Cover during their game.

This was already in I-66's recap, but I just needed to make sure there was another picture of me with the sunglasses. For names, go find I-66's recap below.

Poor Deep Cover, he just couldn't stay awake that night.

Let the record show that while people may have had fun in D.C., at Indebleu or where ever, THIS was THE biggest and best party you could have been at over the weekend. Final attendance was over 1 million people. Best Concert EVER!!


Blogger Joe (Livonia, MI) said...

Wow, hey, just realize you guys linked me. Thanks!

Thu Jul 07, 04:36:00 PM  
Blogger Asian Mistress said...

Great pics...glad you guys had fun!

Fri Jul 08, 01:30:00 PM  

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