Friday, September 16, 2005

Week 2: Cowboysgirls in waiting

Ahhhh… now how great was that? Week 1 in the NFL and being immersed in the game for the first time since early February… NFL Primetime… NFL Primetime highlight music… FOX Game Breaks… John Madden… Michael Vick turning the ball over… That’s when you know the NFL’s back. Unfortunately yours truly did not have a very good week against the spread, but that’s what happens the first week or two when you’re trying to figure out who is for real and who isn’t. Time to recover. On to the picks!

49ers at Eagles (-13½)
Jeremiah Trotter says he didn’t throw a punch. Kevan Barlow had better agree… Pick: Eagles (even giving the points)

Lions (-1½) at Bears
That sound you heard was Matt Millen fainting when Charles Rogers played into the 4th quarter for the first time ever as a Lion. Of course, then he goes and gets on the injury report on Thursday – I guess some things don’t change… Pick: Lions

Vikings at Bengals (-3)
Evidently “aberration” is not in the dictionary at the sportsbook… Pick: Vikings

Ravens (-3½) at Titans
These used to be great games. Nevermore… Pick: Ravens

Jaguars at Colts (-9)
40 TDs or bust… Pick: Colts

Bills at Buccaneers (-2½)
Ok. Who else knew the Bucs TE Alex Smith was black? Why don’t people tell me these things?… Pick: Bills

Patriots (-3½) at Panthers
Not without Kris Jenkins… Pick: Patriots

Steelers (-6) at Texans
Houston, we have a problem… Pick: Steelers

Rams at Cardinals (-1½)
RUN THE F’ING BALL!!… Pick: Rams

Falcons at Seahawks (pick ‘em)
Seahawks fans in the first 5 rows around the stadium are going to be wearing wide receiver gloves this week. They’re open, Mike. They’re open… Pick: Falcons

Chargers at Broncos (-2½)
Now somebody tell me what about the Broncos showing in Miami should make them a 2½ point favorite?… Pick: Chargers

Browns at Packers (-6)
So when the Packers win 5 games this year, will they blame it on Javon Walker’s injury?… Pick: Browns

Dolphins at Jets (-6)
Fine, so maybe LSU can’t beat Miami… Pick: Dolphins

Chiefs (-1) at Raiders
I’d pay $5 to see Larry Johnson break away from the defense and have the play-by-play guy say that he’s “running like the police are chasing him”… Pick: Chiefs

Giants (-3½) at Saints – but lets be honest, this is no Saints home game
New Orleans Saints Road Tour 2005: Get on board or get lost… Pick: Saints

Redskins at Cowboys (-6)
I saw something on the NFL Network that said Chiefs/Raiders was the fiercest rivalry in the NFL. Yeah. Right… Pick: Redskins

Last Week: 6-9 (evidently I somehow missed Texans/Bills completely)
Season: 6-9


Blogger The Senator said...

Can the Lions pull off another one? Here we Lions fans go...getting all excited, and holding tight for the smackdown when we get smoked by Philly, Steelers, et al.


Fri Sep 16, 06:06:00 PM  
Blogger I-66 said...

did anyone else know that Joey Harrington completed passes to 8 different recievers on sunday? I mean, he only threw for 167 yards but 2 TDs and the biggest number, ZERO TURNOVERS.

Mooch needs to do what he can to minimize any errors he can make to build his confidence. So far so good.

Fri Sep 16, 06:15:00 PM  
Blogger The Senator said...

So far so bad. Harrington completely melted down. What happened to his arm? Because clearly it does not work.


Mon Sep 19, 04:49:00 PM  

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