Sunday, June 26, 2005

Nationals Game!!

Last night, Deep Cover and myself, along with two others took in the Nationals game at RFK stadium. Great game, and a Nationals victory to go along with it. The highlights:

1. Deep Cover sneaking a flask of rum into the stadium, and spiking his drinks. He was gone by the fifth inning.

2. Livan Hernandez pitching like an absolute stud, going 7 1/3 innings and getting the win, improving his record this season to 11-2.

3. Rubbing everything in the face of AJ, one of our friends, who was born in Toronto.

4. Nationals fans. It's an interesting mix really. I've sat in the lower bowl for games, where everyone is more reserved, but knows their baseball. Last night, we were in the upper deck with the hardcore fans and the drunks. No one was violent or got out of hand, although there was one guy who was baiting anyone wearing a Red Sox or Yankees hat to fight. Problem was, there were no Yankee or Red Sox hats, he was drunk and just yelling in the air, sounding off about the cities of New York and Boston.

5. The fact that no seat, even in the upper decks, is a bad seat at RFK. I was able to see the game just as well last night from 548 as I was from 203 or anywhere else I've been this season. I hope when the new park gets built, they make the place just as intimate.

Anyway, on to the pictures.

Livan Hernandez stares at Vernon Wells, the Blue Jays center fielder, and best hitter.

Wells grounds out harmlessly to third. Livan was practically untouchable for the first six innings.

Rocke, a drunk Deep Cover, AJ, and The Captain, who can be seen representing the DC Hat in this picture. Saturday night was also Floppy Hat giveaway night.

An error!! The Blue Jays score, ruining Hernandez' shutout. The Captain can't believe it. AJ, the Blue Jays fan (wearing a Nationals Hat) smiles and foolishly hopes for a comeback.

Bring on "The CHIEF!" (Nationals closer Chad Cordero)

Deep Cover celebrates the entrance of Chad Cordero with a Matrix like hand movement, and more rum.

While this may look like an empty field, the scoreboard has "Nationals Win!" on it, which was the original point. Now, an empty field is all you get.


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