Friday, October 07, 2005

Week 5: Closer To The Middle

Well I finally had a .500 week, thanks to the Panthers playing prevent defense and letting the Packers make it a close game. Thanks, John Fox. Thankfully the 7-7 week brings me slightly closer (percentage points) to .500. Baby steps… On to the picks! And remember, recreation only.

Week 5:

Patriots at Falcons (-3)
So is Troy Brown going to be playing defensive tackle this week too? I love it when New England loses… Pick: Falcons

Dolphins at Bills (-2½)
If Miami goes to 3-1, it’s time to queue the “Frerotte’s Frer-real” signs… Pick: Dolphins

Bears at Browns (-3)
Kyle Orton: think you can put down your drink for this one?... Pick: Browns

Ravens at Lions (-1)
Joey Harrington! Anthony Wright! Sunday NFL Football!... Pick: Ravens

Saints at Packers (-3)
Has anybody seen Ahman Green? And who’s that guy wearing his jersey?... Pick: Saints

Buccaneers (-3) at Jets
When you find Ahman Green, I suspect you’ll find Curtis Martin with him… Pick: Buccaneers

Seahawks at Rams (-3)
Holmgren and Martz: battling to see which Mike can under-coach the other… Pick: Rams

Titans at Texans (-3)
For this matchup of Houston Past vs. Houston Present, both sets of fans are looking to the future… Pick: Titans

Colts (-15½) at 49ers
Welcome back, Peyton… Pick: Colts

Eagles (-3½) at Cowboys
Yeah? Well just think of what’ll happen when he’s healthy… Pick: Eagles

Redskins at Broncos (-7)
4? Do I hear 4?... Pick: Redskins

Panthers (-3) at Cardinals
Josh McCown: God did not help you throw that TD to Larry Fitzgerald. There is no need to thank him… Pick: Panthers

Bengals (-3) at Jaguars
Fred Taylor’s not hurt, but for all his production he might as will be… Pick: Bengals

Steelers at Chargers (-3)
Delivered to Phillip Rivers’ doorstep this week: One Drew Brees voodoo doll… Pick: Chargers

Last Week: 7-7
Season: 25-34-1


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