Friday, September 23, 2005

Week 3: Bye and Bye

Dear Paul Tagliabue,

In the future, please ensure that my team is not assigned a bye as early as week 3. No team needs a break this early. We’re only 2 weeks into the season and already teams need a break?
There is a blessing here, though, as we are now presented with an extra week to savor the defeat of our rival Cowboys. In the future, however, a later bye week would be more appreciated. Thank you.

Your friend and advisor,

Falcons at Bills (no line)
Interesting dilemma: a less-mobile Michael Vick or a perfectly healthy Matt Schaub? Neither can run very well so it’s down to their ability to throw… I’d go with the backup… Pick: Bills

Bengals (-3) at Bears
Shhhhh… here they come… Pick: Bengals

Buccaneers (-4) at Packers
Swiss cheese is jealous of the holes in the Packers defense… Pick: Buccaneers

Browns at Colts (-14)
Lost in the story that the Browns beat the Packers on the road last week is the fact that they were playing the Packers… Pick: Colts

Titans at Rams (-6½)
Marc Bulger > Anthony Wright… Pick: Rams

Dolphins at Panthers (-3½)
Kris who?... Pick: Panthers

Saints at Vikings (-3½)
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… Pick: Saints

Jaguars at Jets (no line)
Yeah, Byron Leftwich thinks he’s tough? He’s got nothing on the punter - fondue AND an axe… Pick: Jaguars

Raiders at Eagles (-8)
Collins looking deep to Moss… McNabb goes deep to Owens… Collins looking deep to Moss… McNabb goes deep to Owens… Collins looking deep to Moss… McNabb goes deep to Owens… Collins looking deep to Moss… McNabb goes deep to Owens… Pick: Eagles

Cowboys (-6½) at 49ers
Tempting… but no… Pick: Cowboys

Cardinals at Seahawks (-6)
Where are all those pundits who said the Cardinals were much improved and might make the playoffs? They’re 0-2 with more losses than touchdowns, guys… Pick: Seahawks

Patriots at Steelers (-3)
So let me get this straight… I pick the Patriots last week for the first time in a long time and they lose? Here’s to trends… Pick: Patriots

Giants at Chargers (-6)
Chargers fans: redefining the word “boo” for Eli Manning… Pick: Chargers

Chiefs at Broncos (-3)
In Chiefs practice this week quarterbacks ran drills in blindfolds against the defense to best simulate Jake Plummer’s accuracy… Pick: Chiefs

Last Week: 6-10

Season: 12-19-1 (push awarded for missing Bills/Texans game in week 1 to make record reflect all games)


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