Monday, March 13, 2006

September 4th comes early this year

Now that there is labor peace again in the NFL, free agency has been jumpin. What have we here?

- Antwaan Randle El a Redskin: I'm a tad skeptical of the amount of money Dan Snyder threw at him, (27 over 6) but he's a game changer. He's big in the return game, and pretty versatile. Let's hope Al Saunders knows how to use him. Brandon Lloyd as a 3 isn't a bad addition either, especially for a 3 this year and a 4 next.

- Edgerrin James to Arizona: Big news. First because the Cards can finally improve on their 71 rushing yards per game average from last year. Second because now the Colts need desperately to find a tailback. Draft? Free agency?

- Mike Anderson to Denver: When will people learn that it's more the system in Denver than the back? See Olandis Gary, and all those TDs Reuben Droughns got last year in Cleveland.

- Will Witherspoon, Ram tough: I'd hoped the Skins would get in on Witherspoon to replace LaVar. No dice, but a good pull by Saint Louis.

- Cleveland rocks: In the time it takes to write this, Cleveland will have added another free agent. Okay, maybe not, but the biggest move for me was getting Jurevicius and keeping him out of lame New England.

- The last thing I'll touch on here is the run made at Drew Brees by the Saints. If they land him before Miami can, will they trade their pick? Draft Leinart anyway? (deja vu for Drew) I'd bet on the former. Someone'll pay a lot to move up... Dallas?


AR-chu-LET-a! (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)


Blogger Phil said...

I was really blown away by the Randle-El deal.

7 years??? He is very athletic, but what has he done to warrant this much money for this long?? It almost seems like Snyder got suckered in by the highlight clip of him throwing a TD pass in the Super Bowl.

Mon Mar 13, 06:25:00 PM  
Blogger I-66 said...

Yeah but only 11.5 million of the contract is guaranteed. I'll bet that he doesn't make the 7 years and that by year 5 the contract is restructured at least once to push some of the money back, and then he gets released before he finishes the deal.

Tue Mar 14, 01:40:00 PM  

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