Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I'm sorry you suspended me

What an absolute sham.

Yesterday, Terrell Owens stood outside of his house and read an apology that was aimed at both the Eagles organization and specific personnel, such as Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid. Given that Terrell Owens doesn’t appear to have a contrite bone in his body, there never was any doubt in my mind that someone else wrote that apology for him. And to further prove that he, indeed, was sorry for what he’s done, Owens gave way to Drew Rosenhaus to answer (or in this case not answer) questions directed at Owens. If the question asked had anything to do with how stupid Owens is, or how dumb he is, or how much of an idiot he is – wait, are those all the same? – Rosenhaus met it with “next question” and moved on. The best question asked of Rosenhaus was as to what he’d done for Owens besides get him suspended – of course, it was answered with “next question”.

Now that Owens’s nonsense insincere apology is out of the way, we can move forward with the subsequent rejection of said apology by the Eagles and the phasing out of Owens and perhaps his eventual release. While I know some team is going to give him another chance – despite the fact that he should have run out of them by now – I wish the only place he’d be able to play was in the Arena League. As it stands, he’ll probably end up in Oakland or something… or, if the Eagles really want to put one over on him, they should trade him back to San Francisco for a sack of potatoes, a mop, 2 goldfish, and a dollar in pennies.


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