Monday, April 03, 2006

DC United in Positives and Negatives

Negative: Troy Perkins - That was an awful bobble. Either catch it, or punch it into oblivion. Under no circumstances do you drop it right at your feet in traffic. That wasted the effort of...

Positive: Defense - They held the MetBulls to 4 shots on goal, more or less keeping Perkins from having to make too many plays. Of course, when called upon to make a play, Perkins screwed the pooch. Yeah, the first goal was nearly unstoppable, but the second was all his fault. Trivia question: who gave the foul resulting in the free kick goal? Answer:...

Negative: Freddy Adu - His foul not withstanding, Freddy was ineffective. His passes were off, his dribbling was over-abundant, and he was owned by Marvell Wynne, who may not have left a single ball by him all game.

Positive: Alecko Eskandarian - Wow. What a way to re-emerge.

Negative: A draw at home to a bunch of Bull (before the game).

Positive: A draw at home to a bunch of Bull after being down 2-0 (after the game).


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