Wednesday, March 22, 2006

USA / Germany - A Running Diary

2:29pm - I'm all set. Mountain Dew in hand and the TV tuned to ESPN2. The teams are coming out onto the field. The US starters:

GK: Keller
D: Berhalter, Gibbs, Conrad
M: Convey(LM), Zavagnin(DM), Mastroeni(DM), Cherundolo(RM), Wolff (CAM)
F: Ching, Johnson

A 3-5-2 for the Stars and Stripes. I like Cherundolo at right half. He's good attacking out of the back and won't likely forget his defensive responsibilities. Kerry Zavagnin needs to impress me.

2:34 - ESPN2 just showed the Torsten Frings handball against the US in 2002. I feel venom rising inside of me. USA! USA!

2:35 - The temperature is 35 degrees. Berhalter's the only US starter in short sleeves. Did somebody forget to remind him? We have kickoff!

2:36 - Berhalter just gave the ball away to Miroslav Klose. Then he turned and screamed "That'll teach you to change on me!" to his team. Just kidding about that last part.

2:38 - German fans are shouting for a handball on Cherundolo. I don't think so, cheaters.

2:39 - According to the bottom line, Claudio Reyna will be out (shoulder) for 3-4 weeks. Can't he ever stay healthy? Meantime, Josh Wolff is slow getting up - I guess they need to let Claudio know they're thinking about him. Corner for the States.

2:41 - Seriously, how many black Germans do you know? Wolff is off getting attention, US with 10 men. Germans are controlling play

2:46 - The Germans still look more dangerous...

2:47 - ...and nearly put one in. Podulsky shoots it wide but Keller had the post covered. Time to wake up, guys.

2:48 - The defense must've hit the snooze as Friedrich crosses to Ballack who heads it just wide. This doesn't bode well.

2:49 - Convey gets deep, drops to Gibbs who shoots and Wolff's deflection goes wide. More of that would be good. I've just noticed the "ROAD TO GERMANY" under the score graphic at the top of the screen. Um... guys? Aren't we already here?

2:51 - GO PABLO GO!

2:52 - Chris Klein on for Josh Wolff. Klein goes wide, I suppose, but who slides into the center of the midfield?

2:55 - Nevermind. Marcelo Balboa says that we've gone to a 4-4-2 with Klein in the back. The play-by-play guy (I don't know who he is) says Wolff has a mild concussion. Say it with me now: "what's mild about a concussion?"

3:00 - Corey Gibbs has been doing well on Gerald Asamoah (Ah-sah-moe-uh). He's not looking very Asam right now. [badumching] Bobby looks almost like he's playing in the middle, with Cherundolo dropping to right back and Klein moving up to right half.

3:03 - Late tackle by Zavagnin draws a yellow card. That's so not impressing me.

3:04 - Friedrich cleats Johnson on a late tackle. No card for that one...

3:12 - Best chance for the States. A Cherundolo free kick fom 25 and left of goal that gets flicked on by Johnson and bobbled by Kahn. Great ball by Steve.

3:17 - Great individual work by Convey on a long run after an outlet pass from Berhalter leads to a corner. Kahn has to dive and punch the cross away

3:21 - Halftime. Bobby's looked dangerous, Gibbs looks solid in the back, and I'm going to the bathroom.

3:38 - And we're back for the 2nd half. No changes for the US as I sit here hoping -- before I could finish writing this, Miroslav Klose scores to make it 1-0 for Handball FC. Looking for Bruce to make some changes now...

3:40 - I forgot I heated up the leftover Domino's cheesey bread...

3:42 - The goal goes to Bastian Schweinsteiger, Klose never touched it.

3:44 - I just checked. We still won World War 2.

3:50 - Taylor Twellman's warming up. For Ching?

3:52 - Yup. Twellman for Ching as Balboa says "not a great performance". I agree, he was almost invisible.

3:57 - The play-by-play guy just said Bobby was "continuing to rise his stock". Right.

3:58 - Kahn robs Eddie Johnson of the equalizer on a header off of a cross. Huge play.


4:05 - Indecision in the back leads to an Oliver Neuville goal and a peeved Bruce Arena who looks like he just came home to a burned down house. Two defenders hesitated and let a ball bounce between them and a pass to Neuville led to a looping shot over Keller. Not his fault.

4:07 - DC United sighting! Ben Olsen for Pablo Mastroeni

4:08 - 3-0 Germany. Miroslav Klose. I'm about to turn off the TV. Credit that one to Berhalter, who was also part of the hesitation on the 2nd goal.

4:09 - Heath Pearce for Corey Gibbs.

4:11 - Michael Ballack makes it 4-0 for Germany. I don't think Bruce Arena's moved or changed his facial expression. Terrible defensive lapses here.

4:12 - Cherundolo tests Kahn but is steered aside. Cherundolo's played well.

4:17 - Keller triggers a counter-attack with a toss to Cherundolo who sent a ball high and long to Johnson. Kahn came for it and Johnson slipped and fell and took out a leaping Kahn as the ball trickled into the net. 4-1 Germany.

4:25 - Mercifully it ends. I almost would've rather been at work.


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I know you probably saw this in the link I sent to here, but you're 3:59 was brilliant. Especially because once you made the joke, I cursed myself for not beating you to it. Brilliance.

Fri Mar 24, 09:46:00 PM  

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