Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Roll your Rumph

Underachieving Florida wide reciever (I know, like there's ever been an underachieving wideout from Florida) Taylor Jacobs has been shipped to San Francisco for equally underachieving and oft-injured Hurricane DB Mike Rumph. In another move apparently geared towards making the Washington Redskins into "The U" North, we've added another Miami player to our stable which already includes Clinton Portis, Santana Moss, Sean Taylor, Rocky McIntosh, and unlikely-to-make-the-team Buck Ortega.

Now that Jacobs is out of the burgundy and gold, he becomes just another Florida product in the NFL and thus I say "good riddance". As a Tennessee Volunteers fan, I hate Florida and Jacobs can rot on the San Francisco bench for all I care.

Mike Rumph, on the other hand, will hopefully be helped by the change of scenery and the band of former 'Canes on this roster. He'll provide much needed depth and flexibility in the secondary, after our nickel and dime corners got worked like Tera Patrick's backside against the Bengals.

Welcome aboard Mike. Now go make some plays.

MNF Observation

Christ on a bike! Minnesota's uniforms are ATROCIOUS!

That is all.

Monday, August 14, 2006


With TiVo as my guide, my thoughts on the Redskins preseason game against the Bengals...

+ Clinton Portis, form tackler - Keiwan Ratliff got... JACKED UP!!

- Clinton Portis, injured running back - This should speak for itself, and now CP appears to be firmly in the anti-preseason camp. Let's hope he's ready for the opener.

+ Rocky McIntosh and Robert McCune, McBallhawks - They always seemed to be around the ball. Sure, it was with the 2nd and 3rd teams but it's worth noting.

- Todd Collins - Stay healthy, Mark Brunell

- O-Line Depth - Ditto, O-Line starters. Part of the reason Todd Collins looked so bad was that the O-Line couldn't keep the rushers out of the backfield.

+ Jason Campbell - Coming out of college I thought he was overrated (I still do, by the way). He looked alright last night, and was completing some decent balls (the one over the top to Buck Ortega was fantastic), up until he appeared to miss his pre-snap read and threw an out right into the zone. He's still green and has a bit to learn, but there's some promise there.

+ Starting D - Twice the starting offense for Cincy had the ball in field goal range, and twice they had to punt. I don't believe the Bengals had positive offensive yards out of their first team.

Yeah, it's the first preseason game and not much can really be gleaned from the results. That said, it's freakin football and I'm glad it's back.