Friday, October 28, 2005

Week 8: Gold Rush

So I hear Antonio Pierce is making a little noise about this one, and the Redskins supposedly having "lowballed" him on a contract offer. After this one, the lesson learned will be that the grass isn't always greener... especially when it's the Meadowlands and they don't even have real grass.

Week 8:

Jaguars at Rams (pick ‘em)
When Mike Furrey rolls out of bed, he turns off his alarm, puts on his slippers, and brushes his teeth – all without being down by contact… Pick: Jaguars

Redskins at Giants (-2)
If Tiki Barber can get tackled by the dude in the convenience store, what’s gonna happen against the Redskins defense?... Pick: Redskins

Vikings at Panthers (-8)
I want to make another cruise joke… but I just can’t… Pick: Panthers

Browns at Texans (-2)
Someone please explain to me how the only winless team left in the entire league is giving points? Even at home?... Pick: Browns

Packers at Bengals (-8)
Bengals management is having a dome installed overnight for Brett Favre… Pick: Bengals

Cardinals at Cowboys (-9)
Probably not, but this looks really good in print… Pick: Cardinals

Bears at Lions (-3)
Jeff Garcia, piloting the Lions one leg at a time… Pick: Lions

Raiders at Titans (pick ‘em)
Looks like that Raiders/Vikings trade is working out really great for both teams… Pick: Raiders

Chiefs at Chargers (-6)
The new streak starts now… Pick: Chargers

Dolphins at Saints (pick ‘em)
All week Ernie Conwell’s been holding things with two hands and close to his body… Pick: Dolphins

Buccaneers (-11) at 49ers
Happiest player on the field: Tim Rattay… Pick: Buccaneers

Eagles at Broncos (-4)
Yeah. Now let’s see what happens when Jake gets blitzed… Pick: Eagles

Bills at Patriots (-8)
Most Overrated and Perhaps Idiotic Return of the Year: Tedy Bruschi… Pick: Patriots

Ravens at Steelers (-9)
Steelers may cover the spread by scoring 10 points… Pick: Steelers

Last Week: 5-7-2

Season: 43-56-4

I guess he won...

In case you missed it, a man won a million dollars at a CFL game between the Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tiger Cats by kicking a 50 yard field goal. ESPN says that the guy was chosen from 200000 entries at random, and was unsuccessful in kicking field goals at 20, 30, and 40 yards before knocking it through from 50. Now, the unlikelihood of Random Joe Fan being able to convert a field goal from 50 yards (considering that it’s not easy for a professional to do) aside, here’s the most bizarre part of the story – from the article:

[The fan, Brian] Diesbourg will be rewarded $25,000 per year for the next 40 years

Seriously? You couldn’t give it to the guy in a lump sum? Taxes are probably going to have their way with his winnings anyway, but c’mon, $25,000 per year for 40 years? 40 years is a long time – even for someone that’s 25 like this guy. Who’s to say he even lives that long?

Thursday, October 27, 2005


I know you guys won the World Series and all, but THIS is ridiculous.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

High Heel Drag Race

Evidently rain is not enough to keep the determined away from a high heel drag race. The Captain and I headed into town to meet Rhinestone Cowgirl and take in the fun. The first destination of the night was Annie’s for food and a roof over our heads…


- RC and Captain trading a mozzarella stick for a mini-crabcake followed by RC sticking the mozzarella stick in the middle of her pile of mini-crabcakes which looked… rather… phallic. So the mozzarella stick was dipped in tartar sauce and placed like so…

- Only then is it discovered that RC has an aversion to all things mayonnaise. She hates it. So she wipes the tartar sauce off the mozzarella stick while The Captain explains that she can’t hate mayo as much as a regular food because it’s only a condiment, and that it’s like hating people and midgets – “because midgets are half the size of regular people, they only deserve half your hate.”

- RC eating the now wiped off mozzarella stick after dipping it in its own sauce and making a face after still tasting the tartar sauce

- A smoking hot dish was brought to a nearby table that began smoking up the room. For whatever reason, the sight of the guy sitting in front of it sweating and unable to go near the thing was hilarious to RC and me… but the kicker was her asking our server (keep in mind our proximity to Dupont) what the “flaming dish” was that the guy had.

So eventually we were pushed towards the door and into the elements in favor of people who evidently had reservations for the booths. So much for squatting. We moved on to a bar that I can’t remember the name of and went inside for liquid refreshment…


- Our stunning inability to collectively get the attention of any of the 3 bartenders at work.

- Being denied Red-Headed Sluts (presumably for all the work it takes to make one) and RC subsequently ordering tequila for herself and me – despite my absolute displeasure for the stuff.

- Me taking the shot anyway.

- Me being angry with RC for the next 20 minutes.

- The two shots and The Captain’s drink costing $27 in total. $27!!!

We headed back outside under the roof before determining that there was an hour left until the actual race… so we headed back to RC’s to be warm and dry. We weren’t there long but did manage to squeeze in my front-to-back rendition of Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot after a verse of Now That We’ve Found Love by Heavy D and The Boyz and headed back to 17th St…

evidently I look good as a blond

this just screams hate and tequila contempt

By the time we got there the crowd was huge and we didn’t actually see much of the race. The Captain and I lifted RC so she could get a better view, and while The Captain had ideas of lifting her to our shoulders he kindly neglected to apprise me of his plan… so RC sat lopsidedly upon us for a few moments before being set back down. We set off to find drag queens who were picture-friendly (which pretty much was all of them)...

they're racing in there somewhere...

" you're a 49er and everything, but I'm sure you won't find any gold there"

Good times... Good times...

Monday, October 24, 2005

Thank you, United States Government

I'll be one of the first to say I'm often disappointed in our nations goverment, but they got this one right.

Now understand, I have nothing against fat people, or the obese. At one point in my life, I would have qualified as overweight myself. You know who I blamed during that period of time? Me...face to face, mirror to mirror. It is incomprehensible to me that others can't do the same.

It angries up my blood when I see another story of parents who are suing McDonald's or another fast food joint because their kid is fat. They claim they've been lied to, that there should be nutritional information on the food, etc. I don't watch too much T.V., but can someone honestly tell me a commercial has ever aired, anywhere, that said "McDonald's is healthy for you and will contribute to a long life?" You can't, because it doesn't happen.

Other countries laugh at us for our obesity problem, and they have every right to do it, although I gather some countries in Europe are starting to catch up to us. There isn't enough self blame in this country, and that needs to change. If you're overweight, and you want to lose some, then do it. Here's a list of things I don't want to hear:

1. My genetics are poor...You know what, tough. God isn't under any obligation to deal you the same hand Michael Phelps or Amanda Beard got. I've read in multiple publications that more than 90% of bad genetics can be overcome by exercising frequently and eating better. My own genetics are as bad as you can get, but I don't let it stop me. It's willpower people. I'm almost positive that most people who say this are also making frequent trips to Wendy's. Bad genetics is a crutch excuse.

2. I don't have the time to work out...Also B.S. I'll bet you have time for 24, or House, or whatever else. Unless you work 14 hours a day (assuming eight hours of sleep plus commute time, there's time to work out.) Get your priorities straight. What's more important to you? Living a normal lifespan, perhaps longer, or finding out who wins Survivor?

3. I'm intimidated by gyms...There's plenty of home workout equipment available. Besides which, think about it this way. Everyone of those muscle guys, or slim women you see in the gym, started out the same way. Maybe not overweight necessarily, but normal looking. They had to work to get the way they are. It all begins with sticking with it.

There is so much available to you. Take a spinning class here. Go for a run with this paradigm of fitness. At least one blogger I was aware of, the D.C. Diet Diva, was taking her fight online, but I believe her blog is gone now. Unfortunate, I was interested in her progress.

I've got a little to lose, which will be taken care of this winter. Notice the mindset there, "WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF." Not, "I want to..." or "I hope..." it's "I WILL." Little changes like that make a big difference in how successful you are. Rather than making excuses, get up and get started. Seriously, how many skinny, in shape people do you hear lamenting "Man, if only I was fatter." None that I know of. How many out of shape, overweight people do you hear saying the opposite? Come on, no one wants to be overweight, not deep down. It all starts with you and a mirror, and your willingness to shoulder the blame, rather than trying to get rich off successful businesses.

I challenge any of you out there reading to get started. Show me some progress over the next 4-6 months, and I'll buy you a drink or two at the next Happy Hour. Liquor of course, it has less calories.


I have officially removed the Cleveland Park Men's Club from our links. This is not out of any particular dislike for their group. It would be hard to dislike anyone I haven't met in person (except The Milkman, who was quite affable, but is no longer a part of the group.) However, with the passing of their blog, I see no reason to stay linked to a site which is twisting the knife.

I understand there has been a lot of tension within the D.C. blog scene between them and others, and I don't claim to have any knowledge of the events that lead up to it. I won't pass judgement on who deserves what. I don't personally feel that the parody sites, such as the Gay Men's Club, are necessary or deserved, but that's up to the writer of that site to decide.

Aside from the Milkman, my only other real interaction came from The Chef and Miss Penny Lane, who were instrumental in helping me finalize how I would propose to my now-fiancee. For that I will never speak an unkind word of them, and I still owe them drinks should they ever decide to cash in.

To "The Senator", who we shared some football discussion with, and the others who I never met, good luck with your Rat-Pack lifestyle, as was described on DCB. Hopefully the anger caused will eventually go away. Until then, good luck in whatever you choose to do.

San Francisco Treat


Absolute annihilation.

Don’t get it twisted, the Redskins were supposed to do this to San Francisco (though I admit, I never expected so many points). When you’re a good team you’re supposed to beat the inferior teams. All Washington did yesterday was handle their bidness against a team that appears rudderless on offense and like swiss cheese on defense. Yesterday it looked like USC vs. Prairie View A&M out there and every moment was enjoyable for a Redskins fan.

That said, next week is a trip to The Meadowlands to face off against the Giants. Eli Manning rescued the Giants from defeat against Denver with a roll-out (more like roll away) TD pass in the dying moments of the game to give the G-men a 1 point victory. Giants/Redskins. Should be a good one.

The Philadelphia Eagles pulled out a sort of miracle against the Chargers at The Linc with their special teams making the big play. I’d left to take the dogs to pee and came back and saw the score had changed and Philly led. “What the…” I said in Deep Cover’s direction, which prompted him to explain. Evidently he knew exactly what befuddled me.

Dallas. Oh Dallas. Seattle didn’t win that game. You lost it. You had the ball, a little time on the clock, and you blew it. Drew Bledsoe threw an absolutely wretched looking interception to a Seahawks DB who was absolutely wide open. Problem is, you’re NOT SUPPOSED TO THROW TO THE DB’s – in case you didn’t know, Drew. Thanks, Seattle. You made an already enjoyable Sunday that much better.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Week 7: On A Roll

Stop the presses. Yours truly was 7-6-1 last week. I can't contain myself. I'm on a one-week roll and I'm looking to go 12-2 this week... but I'll probably be closer to 2-12 - but hey, I can dream.

Week 7:

Packers (-2½) at Vikings
Never count Brett Favre out of a game on the road in a dome 2 weeks after his opponents were on a debauchery-filled cruise on Lake Minnetonka… Pick: Packers

Chargers at Eagles (-4)
Advantage: Tomlinson… Pick: Chargers

Saints at Rams (-3)
I don’t know what’s more sad… Watching the Saints force Jaime Martin to beat them, or the fact that he might actually do it… Pick: Saints

49ers at Redskins (-13)
Anyone who thinks the Redskins aren’t blitzing 80% of snaps in this game is crazy… Pick: Redskins

Colts (-16) at Texans
And I thought 13 points was a lot… Pick: Colts

Steelers at Bengals (pick ‘em)
It’s not just talk anymore… Pick: Bengals

Lions at Browns (-2)
ZzzZzZZzZZzzZzZ… Pick: Browns

Ravens at Bears (-1)
…ZzZZzzZzZZzZzzZzzZ… Pick: Ravens*

Cowboys at Seahawks (-3)
Seattle: Doing the Texas Two-Step… Pick: Seahawks

Titans at Cardinals (-4)
What precisely have the Cardinals done to merit this?... Pick: Titans

Broncos at Giants (-2)
Even Jake Plummer’s not afraid of the Giants secondary… Pick: Broncos

Bills at Raiders (-3)
Raiders fan’s worst nightmare: “Randy Moss – doubtful”… Pick: Bills

Jets at Falcons (-7)
I can’t do it. Not with Vinny at the helm… Pick: Falcons

Last Week: 7-6-1

Season: 37-49-2

* = because the Ravens are on the road, this game will be televised on CBS. I have this sinking feeling that we will be forced to sit through this garbage on Sunday. Vomitous. Absolutely vomitous.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Looky here

I felt a little odd about posting the happy hour recap here since my running buddy The Captain was otherwise occupied. So those who are looking for it can feel free to link hop. He'd better make the next one - at least so I don't have to explain where he is...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Feeling nostalgic

DC United embark on another playoff journey beginning with Friday night and a game at Chicago Fire. It's a home/away series that will conclude next Sunday at RFK Stadium with the winner being decided on aggregate goals. In anticipation of the MLS Playoffs I searched for and found highlights of perhaps the Greatest MLS Game Ever Played: 2004 Eastern Conference Final - DC United v. New England Revolution. I should know. I was there.

Phil from Playaz Ball asked recently [paraphrasing] whether people were actually attending MLS games. If you have 7 minutes to spare and don't mind watching a little soccer I encourage you to view the following - it will really show you what a big time atmosphere there was at RFK. Listen to the crowd explode with each goal and watch the reactions (particularly the crowd behind the goal with the toilet paper and confetti). This is why I love these games...

DC United struck first, followed by New England... and back and forth 2 more times until the game was tied at 3-3 at the end of 90 minutes... click here to see all 6 goals. should open windows media player

After 90 minutes there were 2 15-minute periods of extra time (overtime) with no goals scored. That led to a penalty kick shootout. Brian Carroll (incidentally a player I very much dislike) ended up scoring the difference-maker for United, but goalkeeper Nick Rimando had to keep New England out to seal the win... click here to see Brian Carroll's penalty and then Nick Rimando's game-winning save. ditto media player

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Pack your bags, boys...

Game 5. Houston's up 3-1 in the series and 4-2 in the game. Top 9. 2 outs. Runners on 1st and 2nd. Albert Pujols at bat. Astros standing at the edge waiting to leave the dugout in celebration at the final out and a trip to the World Series...

... but the only thing leaving was Brad Lidge's hanging slider. 5-4 Cards. See you in Saint Louis.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Who ya got?

Sunday, October 16, 2005

CBS Sucks

Alright, this has been bothering me for a while, and since I'm thinking about it now you all get a rare weekend entry from me...

Who do I have to sleep with to keep the Ravens games from automatically appearing on my television taking up one of the NFL programming slots every Sunday? The Ravens have been awful this season and were awful last season. Don't get me wrong, I like the Ravens. I rooted them all the way to the Super Bowl when they won it with Trent Dilfer as their quarterback. But, in case you CBS folks haven't realized, the RAVENS ARE NOT OUR HOME TEAM. What makes you think that people this side of the beltway want to be forced to watch Anthony Wright leading their putrid offense through 3-and-outs all game when there are better games on CBS that can be shown? This weekend the Ravens are going to be on television again, squaring off against Cleveland. Of course there are better games on TV that CBS could show at 1pm:

Jaguars at Steelers
Dolphins at Bucs
and even Bengals at Titans

Screw you, CBS. Fix it now.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Week 6: Derailed

Last week was a bit of a stunner, wasn’t it? Unbeatens falling by the wayside, Green Bay annihilating New Orleans, and the Texans are the only remaining winless team.

Falcons (-6) v. Saints
Leave it to the Falcons defense to blow a damn good game by a true quarterback… Pick: Falcons

Jaguars at Steelers (-3)
Sorry, Charlie. Didn’t mean to get your hopes up… Pick: Steelers

Dolphins at Buccaneers (-4)
Bucs with Cadillac: 4-0. Bucs without: 0-1… Caddy is questionable, but Fins D is tough against the run…Pick: Dolphins

Browns at Ravens (-6)
Ravens quarterback Anthony Wright got home and punched a wall in frustration at his teams loss to Detroit… and a referee appeared, threw a flag, and ejected him… Pick: Browns

Vikings at Bears (-3)
So I guess this means the “Vikings Cruise Lines” project is on hold for a while?... Pick: Bears

Giants at Cowboys (-4)
From 0 to reality in 60 minutes… Pick: Giants

Panthers at Lions (-1)
Lions victory last week over Baltimore said more about the Ravens than the Lions… Pick: Panthers

Bengals (-3) at Titans
Guess they’re not going to the Super Bowl after all, huh sportscasters?... Pick: Bengals

Redskins at Chiefs (-6)
Oddsmakers, you do realize that the 4 Redskins games this season have been decided by a total of 8 points, right?... Pick: Redskins

Chargers (-2) at Raiders
LaDainian Tomlinson: 150 and 2… Pick: Chargers

Patriots at Broncos (-3)
Patriots picked by The Myth when giving points: 0-2, Patriots picked by The Myth when getting points: 1-0… Pick: Broncos

Jets at Bills (-3)
Vinny Testaverde! Kelly Holcomb! NFL Football!... Pick: Jets

Titans at Seahawks (-9)
ZzzZzZZzzZZzZzz… Pick: Seahawks

Rams at Colts (-14)
Rams Defense: Allowing over 260 yards and 2 TDs per game. Uh oh… Pick: Colts

Last Week: 5-9

Season: 30-43-1 (ugliest start in my history)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

A screw-up

This will be quick. Chase's blog link is fixed. The Playaz Ball link has been updated as well.

Also, I didn't remember to post my NLCS predictions in time, but it would have been Cards in 5. Here's why. Albert Pujols is a monster. Also, what derailed the Cardinals last year was playoff caliber starting pitching. Well lo and behold, Chris Carpenter decided to be "The Man" this year, and they picked up Mark Mulder from the A's, who is always a Cy Young contender.

Couple that with some incredibly bad luck on Houston's part. For those of you who don't know, Roy Oswalt, an Astros starter, managed to hit Andy Pettitte (the game one starter) in the leg with a line drive during batting practice. That's part of the reason why Pettitte got lit up in game one. Houston will win one game, at the most.

Mayor Williams, are you listening?

Real Salt Lake (Ray-al) are a new team in MLS that began play this season and already they have secured a deal to have a stadium built in Sandy, Utah (see right for artists rendering.) DC United have been a part of MLS since the beginning, now in season 10 of operation and United have been left out of the stadium shuffle. Observe what clubs have done what with regards to stadiums: (note, all clubs are originals from '96 unless noted)

Columbus Crew: opened soccer-specific Crew Stadium - first major stadium of its kind in the US

Colorado Rapids: recently broke ground on new soccer-specific stadium

Metrostars: recently sealed deal for new soccer-specific stadium

FC Dallas: recently opened soccer-specific Pizza Hut Park

LA Galaxy: opened soccer-specific Home Depot Center

Chivas USA (new this season): plays in Home Depot Center also

Real Salt Lake (new this season): recently sealed deal for new soccer-specific stadium

Chicago Fire (1999-present): currently constructing new soccer-specific stadium

San Jose, DC, New England, Kansas City are all original teams without stadiums. More than half of the league, including 3 teams who have come into being within the last 6 years are either playing in soccer-specific stadiums or have deals to construct them. Mayor Anthony Williams indicated a want to have a soccer-specific stadium built along with his pet-project baseball stadium. So, Tony, where's the soccer deal? Be glad I don't reside in the District and don't have a vote.

Umpire Undoing

I was asked this morning by a not so unnamed individual for an explanation of what happened at the end of last night’s White Sox/Angels ALCS game. Those of you who are baseball fans probably know what happened and probably know that, as a result, the White Sox were able to keep the inning alive and eventually win the game. I personally feel that the home plate umpire blew the call. Replays seem to indicate that the ball never hit the dirt, but there are a things at work here that I tend to apply on the soccer field:

1) “If in the opinion of the referee…” – Most soccer rules begin with those words. I tend not to argue calls unless there is absolute evidence that the ref flubbed it. I don’t know much about the umpire’s rulebook (Captain?) but the umpires and other referees in all sports are put there to interpret the action and make calls based on what they see. The home plate umpire is put in a difficult position as he surely could not have seen the ball enter the catcher’s mitt, yet he had to make a call anyway.

2) “Play. To. The Whistle” – This is something I say to our fullbacks and other defending players when they stop running and expect the referee to call offsides and he doesn’t, and, as a result, the opposition gets an opportunity on goal. The Angels failed to play to the whistle last night, and didn’t react when the batter hauled it down the first base line.

After the game, the presser with Angels Manager Mike Scioscia was shown briefly on ESPN. I expected him to be fuming about the blown call but he didn’t blame the umpires. After all, the Angels still allowed a stolen base and the game winning double.

All that not withstanding, the Angels should not have lost the game because of a blown call by an umpire. The game would have gone to extra innings had it been a strike out as it should, and who knows what would have happened? The Angels are going home with a 1-1 split, which they should be happy with, but if they lose this series and it’s close, everyone’s going to be looking back at game 2.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Beware, NBA

Ron Artest has opened his mouth. I get the feeling that, with this declaration, when he looks in the mirror, he sees this:

Be scared, David Stern. Be very scared.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

You throw like a girl!

Here at DC Sports, we are not sexist.

Breaking down the ALCS

All four divisional series are in the books in this baseball postseason. Of course, I predicted both American League divisional series outcomes incorrectly, but that won't stop me here, because I'm going to break this ALCS (American League Championship Series) down, and give you a definite winner. Teams will be awarded a minor advantage,(+1) a major advantage,(+2) or be marked even. White Sox will be listed first, then the Angels. Roll tape!

Catcher: A.J. Pierzynski vs. Bengie Molina
Let's ignore for a minute that Pierzynski had a phenomenal series against the Red Sox, he's still A.J. Pierzynski. I'm not sold that he's suddenly become a good hitter. Molina is a better fielding catcher, but he's playing hurt. Additionally, Pierzynski has previous playoff experience with the Giants. Edge: White Sox +1

First Base: Paul Konerko vs. Darin Erstad
This isn't even a contest. Konerko hit something like .260 this season, but he also put out 40+ homers. Erstad, except for the play that ended the Yankees hopes in game 5, was a waste of a lineup space, never coming through in key situations. However, he does have playoff experience, can swipe a base, and isn't afraid to level a catcher for his team. Still...Edge: White Sox +1

Second Base: Tadahito Iguchi vs. Adam Kennedy
Iguchi has turned into a clutch hitter, following the example of other Japanese major leaguers, but he's a relative rookie to the playoffs. Kennedy can't hit at all, but is fantastic on defense. Edge: Even

Shortstop: Juan Uribe vs. Orlando Cabrera
Juan Uribe is a servicable shortstop, but unless I'm missing something, that's all he'll ever be. Cabrera is not only one of the best fielders in the game, but has playoff experience, he was one of the Red Sox heros down the stretch last year. Edge: Angels +1

Third Base: Joe Crede vs. Chone Figgins
Classic match-up. Crede was at one time a potential rookie of the year who hasn't quite blossomed yet. He's also a solid fielder. Figgins is fast, he stole 50-60 bases this year. Additionally, Figgins can play three or four other positions if injuries dictate. Edge: Even

Left Field: Scott Posednik vs. Garret Anderson
Posednik's calling card is stealing bases, he had somewhere around 80 this year. That's pretty much what he does, his average (batting and on base) are abysmal for a leadoff hitter. Though injuries have slowed his career, Anderson is a smooth hitter, and solid in the field. Edge: Angels +1

Center Field: Aaron Rowand vs. Steve Finley
This is one of the match-ups to watch, Rowand is young and untested, Finley is older and has plenty of experience. Finley has also had somewhat of a career resurgance, he was god awful in Arizona. I'm not sure how happy I'd be having a 38 year old covering all that ground in center field, but for now...Edge: Angels +1

Right Field: Jermaine Dye vs. Vladimir Guerrero
Not even close. I'm convinced Dye will never be the player he was in Kansas City or Oakland. Meanwhile, Guerrero may be the most danngerous hitter in the entire sport, and he has an absolute cannon for an arm in right field. A huge weapon on both offense and defense. Major Edge: Angels +2

Designated Hitter: Carl Everett vs. Juan Rivera
If Everett can avoid having a blowup, he should be able to handle any head to head challenge Rivera will provide. He's a better hitter and runner, which is what you ask of the D.H. Edge: White Sox +1

Bench: Neither of these teams has anyone to speak of on the bench. The starters will play most every inning, if the managers have their way. If Frank Thomas wasn't injured, the Sox would have the advantage. The best the Angels can offer is a guy named Curtis Pride. Edge: Even

Rotation: Mark Buerhle/Freddy Garcia/Jose Contreras/Jon Garland vs. Bartolo Colon/Jarrod Washburn/John Lackey/Paul Byrd
This is where the series will be decided. The White Sox starters all are healthy, solid pitchers, and they aren't injured. For the Angels, Colon has hurt his back and may not pitch. Washburn (their only left-handed starter) is sick and may not be available. Suddenly, the rotation is headed by Paul Byrd, a gamer, but not a number one starter, and John Lackey. What are they going to do when rookie Ervin Santana or career underachiever Kelvim Escobar has to take the ball? Major Edge: White Sox +2

Relievers: Orlando Hernandez/Damaso Marte/Cliff Politte vs. Ervin Santana/Scot Shields/Kelvim Escobar/Brendan Donnelly etc...
The White Sox starters are healthy, and they have crafty Orlando Hernandez waiting in the bullpen, a former starter who can give them a ton of innings if necessary. He'll need to, because Marte, Politte and co. won't be able to match the solid pitching of Shields, Donnelly and two or three other relievers the Angels have, who are all solid. Due to the Angels rotation, breaking down as we speak, those relievers will be throwing way too much. Edge: Even

Closer: Dustin Hermansen/Bobby Jenks vs. Francisco Rodriguez
Who would you rather have? A failed starter (Hermansen) and a kid from backwater Idaho (Jenks) who lived without electricity or plumbing as a child, and has a fondness for alcohol and fighting? Or a man whose nickname is K-Rod, and has the nastiest curveball since Greg Olson in his prime? Yeah, I'll take K-Rod. I will say this, Hermansen and Jenks have been good, but there's too much unpredictability there. Edge: Angels +1

Manager: Ozzie Guillen vs. Mike Scioscia
Ozzie Guillen is a players manager, and is outspoken and extremely competitive. He's a true gamer, and can motivate his team. Scioscia however, has been to and won a World Series previously, and that gets the edge in my book. Edge: Angels +1

This totals up to the Angels having a +2 advantage. And that's why I'm picking the White Sox to take this series in 6 games. Why? Because I pigeonholed myself with the +1, +2 scoring system. No matter what anyone else says, good pitching will win you a championship. Look at the D-Backs, the Marlins, the Red Sox last year. It wasn't their hitters coming up big, it was the pitchers. Who was won the MVP of pretty much every World Series recently? Pitchers. If I had allowed the system to go this far, the White Sox would have had a +8 or something for the rotation.

The Angels are tired from the series with the Yankees, and with Colon (and possibly Washburn) out, every one of their starters is better than their Angels counterparts, and it will make the difference. White Sox in six games, count on it.

National League coming tomorrow.

Yankees lose! Theeeeeee Yankees lose!

Thanks, Angels.

(images from

Monday, October 10, 2005

Down in Denver

A spirited comeback attempt by our boys fell short on a deflected 2-point conversion pass from Mark Brunell to David Patten. Ian Gold, covering Robert Royal, was able to get his hand up and knock the passing football down (a rather athletic play, actually, reaching back to knock it down) and the Redskins fell to 3-1 (closer game than expected, huh "experts"?)

Silver lining? Sure. The Skins are still tied for the lead at the top of the NFC East with the Giants. Clinton Portis ran for over 100 yards against a stiff Broncos defense. Santana Moss went for over 100 yards again. All of that wasn't enough, as Tatum Bell got loose on two big runs for touchdowns making the mountain just a bit too tall for the Skins to climb.

I still feel pretty good about our chances in the NFC East as the Eagles got thumped by the Cowgirls in Little D on Sunday. FOX kept showing score updates as Terry Glenn caught two touchdown passes (ask Bill Parcells about Glenn and he'll tell you, "she was on fire"), and the Eagles could do nothing on offense. I didn't see the brief toe-to-toe with Keyshawn Johnson and Drew Bledsoe until NFL Primetime. Evidently Drew said something to Keyshawn after his fumble that was returned for 6 by Philadelphia's defense. Me-shawn took offense and they said some apparently unkind things (I can lip-read a little, especially 4-letter words) and the problem quickly evaporated. Here's the thing... it wasn't really a close game at that point. What's up with the hostility? I really wonder what Drew said to him that set him off.

Next week it's a trip to Arrowhead to face off against the Chiefs who are coming off of their bye week. No matter. We'll be ready.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Week 5: Closer To The Middle

Well I finally had a .500 week, thanks to the Panthers playing prevent defense and letting the Packers make it a close game. Thanks, John Fox. Thankfully the 7-7 week brings me slightly closer (percentage points) to .500. Baby steps… On to the picks! And remember, recreation only.

Week 5:

Patriots at Falcons (-3)
So is Troy Brown going to be playing defensive tackle this week too? I love it when New England loses… Pick: Falcons

Dolphins at Bills (-2½)
If Miami goes to 3-1, it’s time to queue the “Frerotte’s Frer-real” signs… Pick: Dolphins

Bears at Browns (-3)
Kyle Orton: think you can put down your drink for this one?... Pick: Browns

Ravens at Lions (-1)
Joey Harrington! Anthony Wright! Sunday NFL Football!... Pick: Ravens

Saints at Packers (-3)
Has anybody seen Ahman Green? And who’s that guy wearing his jersey?... Pick: Saints

Buccaneers (-3) at Jets
When you find Ahman Green, I suspect you’ll find Curtis Martin with him… Pick: Buccaneers

Seahawks at Rams (-3)
Holmgren and Martz: battling to see which Mike can under-coach the other… Pick: Rams

Titans at Texans (-3)
For this matchup of Houston Past vs. Houston Present, both sets of fans are looking to the future… Pick: Titans

Colts (-15½) at 49ers
Welcome back, Peyton… Pick: Colts

Eagles (-3½) at Cowboys
Yeah? Well just think of what’ll happen when he’s healthy… Pick: Eagles

Redskins at Broncos (-7)
4? Do I hear 4?... Pick: Redskins

Panthers (-3) at Cardinals
Josh McCown: God did not help you throw that TD to Larry Fitzgerald. There is no need to thank him… Pick: Panthers

Bengals (-3) at Jaguars
Fred Taylor’s not hurt, but for all his production he might as will be… Pick: Bengals

Steelers at Chargers (-3)
Delivered to Phillip Rivers’ doorstep this week: One Drew Brees voodoo doll… Pick: Chargers

Last Week: 7-7
Season: 25-34-1

Bears fans, cover your eyes...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Chicago Bears starting quarterback Kyle Orton! (courtesy

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Animal Cruelty

Thanks to one of the Washington Post's best writers, Gene Weingarten, I have been made privy to some horrible things. Ladies...gentlemen...DO NOT DO THIS TO YOUR PETS! I am of the mind that, like human babies, all potential parents/owners should be required to take competency tests. Anyway, here we go:

Do not do THIS to your cats!

Do not do THIS to your dogs!


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

This may be rubbing it in...

but I found this on

Stand Up, Speak Up

Some time ago I saw a mostly silent commercial on Fox Soccer Channel that featured prominent European soccer players like Thierry Henry of Arsenal in England, and Ronaldinho of FC Barcelona in Spain. They held up signs decrying the racist incidents that had been happening in Europe at soccer games and urged fans to do something about it. The campaign is called Stand Up Speak Up and advertised these bracelets in support of the cause. As you can see, they’re black and white and intertwined – rather symbolic, I’d say. The bands were not available in the US, but I bought them on ebay from a German and wear them most of the time, but always on the soccer field.

Recently I channel surfed onto REAL Sports with Bryant Gumbel on HBO and hit the info button to see what the episode was focusing on and saw that racism in European soccer was part of it, so I watched. It was here that I got a good handle on what the Stand Up Speak Up campaign was against. I saw footage of black players getting bananas thrown at them every time they touched the ball (not just 1 or 2 bananas, near a dozen at a time). I heard monkey sounds being made by fans whenever a player of color touched the ball. Now, this footage originated in the mid 90’s, but more recently Henry spoke of being taunted and having the back of his shirt covered in spit after having taken a corner kick in a hostile stadium. He also was the focus of Spain’s national team coach Luis Aragones when Aragones referred to Henry as “that black piece of [excrement]” in 2004. Additionally, that same year, England’s national team played Spain at the Bernabeu – a stadium of a capacity near 80000. Whenever players of color for England touched the ball, nearly the entire stadium – according to witness accounts – rained down “ooh ooh” monkey noises. This clearly was no display of distaste for England, but a display of distaste of color.

It was on this show that I realized how deep the problem appears to be in Europe, and also that it is Henry himself that began the Stand Up Speak Up campaign. I realize there is not much that I can do here, but it is a cause that I must support.

Photo Of The Day

Is it too early?

I guess not...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Quick Picks

Alright, I know the games have started already, but I didn't have a chance to do this while I was at work today. So here's the quick picks for the first round of the playoffs. You'll get far more in depth analysis from me for the league championship series and the World Series.

St. Louis over San Diego...this won't even be close, San Diego may not win a game.
Houston over Atlanta....sorry Phil, Atlanta doesn't have what it takes. This will go five, though.

Boston over Chicago...White Sox somehow won 98/99 games despite having terrible on base percentages. Great pitching, but not enough to get by the Red Sox.
Yankees over Angels...Yes, it will be a repeat of last years ALCS. Vlad Guerrero could ruin the Yankees by himself if he peaks in this one, however.

Like I said, more in depth breakdowns will come for the later series.

...And The Captain said "WHO? Who among ye will step up and taking on the role of coveted "New Blog?" Who shall take the place of those fine people who came before you?" And four brave souls stepped forward, and so it was done. And the four were "Always Greener Grass", and the Girls With Drinks. Also included was the Rhinestone Cowgirl and the Siryn Song, last only in the alphabet, but certainly not in courage.

See, around here, we like to make linking an adventure.

Please say your "Rest in Peace" prayers to the entire "In Memoriam" section and to "Two Girls in D.C." Additionally, you will not an entirely new section, as "The Myth" documents his season of football picks.

That is all.

Grasping for straws?

...guess they need something to celebrate

A tribute to my buddy, I-66!

Let me tell you all something. You DON'T want to mess with I-66. Sure, he's kind, smiling, congenial, but if you cross him, watch out. Look on in FEAR...

A: Sweet hat, the perfect accessory to "The Man."
B: You can't sneak up on him, he has hearing like a bat!
C: you the eye...but remember, he's a mean son of a bitch.
D: A jaw of absolute IRON!
E: The manliest chest this side of the Mississippi.
F: I have it on good authority these are 20-inch guns!
G: He's a high roller...did you expect any less?
H: See that? All access baby! The man has connections!


Happy early birthday, buddy.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Just a quickie... ok there's more

I don't understand what the big deal is. I mean, it's not like he gave anyone herpes or anything.


Then there's this from Apparently Rangers manager Buck Showalter pulled some of his starters for pinch runners part-way through the Rangers/Angels game on Sunday. The Angels won and, as a result, have home field advantage over the Yankees in their series. Evidently the Yankees are attributing the loss of home field to the pulling of the Rangers players.

"There's a code of honor when so much is on the line," Rodriguez told the New York Daily News. "You hope people do the right thing. But you can't control what people do."

That's from Alex Rodriguez? Code of honor? He must not have been thinking about that one when he girly-slapped the ball out of Bronson Arroyo's glove during the ALCS last year.

"It's surprising," Torre told The New York Times. "If his team was in the playoffs, I could understand it a little bit more. It's just surprising he pulled them so soon."

Joe Torre. You don't manage the Rangers. Who are you to question what Buck Showalter does with his players? Surprisingly enough, the sound of sensibility does come from someone in the Yankees organization...

"If we had won one more game, we wouldn't have to be worried about what anybody else did," Cashman told The Times.

Wow. That's exactly what I was thinking. I wonder who or what Torre and Rodriguez will blame when they fail to win another World Series.

Let's play a little game

It's called "Winners and Losers". I show you pictures and you tell me who are the losers and who are the winners. Good? Good.

playoffs, baby

awww... is he crying? I think he might be.

sure, they weren't playing each other... but still valid


addendum: from Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback column:

Who said the Patriots are dull? "I love that guy," Pats tight end Christian Fauria said last week of Tom Brady. "I wish he didn't have a girlfriend."

Tell me, Christian, what position do you play again?